Helping Women in demanding careers and business to find their Natural Balance and thrive! 

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We help forward-thinking Companies to make a positive impact on their female workforce for long-term sustainable performance.

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Coaching for Private Clients

We help you to unleash your full feminine power, break free from self-doubt, stress and procrastination and come into inner peace, self-esteem and purposeful living.

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Client Testimonials

Jenny Leigh 

I have to say to others, I'm only halfway through this journey, but this woman is a genius! The tools I have been given to actually implement the change/ power / balance, to achieve my plans, has been amazing. I am achieving so much more with ease and actually enjoying my work now! Goals that I felt were out of reach, I am on target to achieve now. Thank you, Antonia 🙏 The journey is empowering!

Mia Mota 

Corporate Lawyer, Magic Leap

..... I’ve been working with therapists for years and they have never gotten to me like that..... Your process is truly innovative. It goes so deep and I’ve never seen it done it such a logical and holistic way. As you go through the transformation it all starts to click together and it all completely makes sense. I don’t think anyone else has been able to figure it out like you have before. You created a new way of dealing with burnout and getting people out of a dark place, and you do it from such a place of love and understanding. It’s so magical. How you came up with a system to get someone out of their own head and to figure out such deep-seated issues in such a short amount of time is mind-blowing. You really take people on a journey to help them figure it all out.

BNP Paribas 

APAC D&I Commitee

The programme has been really valuable and has given lots of helpful advice. The
feedback we've received is that in sharing Antonia's personal story and experience, the
participants were able to really connect with the content. Her storytelling had us
engaged from the very first moment. The participants have been able to use the
recommended techniques daily to manage stress and find balance, and the Natural
Balance workbook materials have been really helpful to support everyone with
implementing the strategies.